Educational Supports

Motivating Kids to Learn

Think about the things in your life you are strongly motivated to do, and those your are not. You being an adult, are probably still more motivated to enjoy a good book, or hobby, than try to relearn high school math. Right? Kids are the same and we cannot expect kids just to want to […]

Race and Education

  As I thought about how to write this article, I decided that the most valid thing I could do would be to write from my own experience as a mother of mixed race kiddos. I am white and grew up in an area without nearly enough diversity. It would be arrogant to say I […]

A Growth Mindset is Essential for Learning

When I first learned about the concept of a growth mindset, I assumed that meant a positive attitude or self-esteem and tuned out a bit. I was wrong. As I have learned more about what a growth mindset is and how essential it is to learning, it has become one of my favorite topics.              So, […]

Your new best friend: Routine

Why Routines and Procedures are Your New Best Friend One of the most important things new teachers learn is to set up routines and procedures. They are so important that it is essentially impossible to teach without them, and they are the difference between a well-run classroom that is a joy to be in. and […]

Favorite Books for Kids

Please note that yes, we do get a very small percentage of profit if you click on the links from this site to order anything. It doesn’t cost you any more and part of the proceeds will go to children’s charities to support education, refugees, and fight child trafficking.

The Learning Environment

Part of getting students into a routine for learning involves having a physical space designated for precisely that. The biggest mistake I have seen parents make when creating a designated learning area is too many fun pencil jars, stickers, cute little lamps, etc. These things are fun and have their place, but that place is […]

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