Favorite Books for Kids

Please note that yes, we do get a very small percentage of profit if you click on the links from this site to order anything. It doesn’t cost you any more and part of the proceeds will go to children’s charities to support education, refugees, and fight child trafficking.

Wings of Fire: I read this entire series with my son. Not that you have to do that, but it helped spark his love of reading, which I worried would never happen. I recommend this series for ages ten and up due to the action and violence–though it is definitely for kids.
Serafina Series: This is another series that we loved reading together. I recommend this series for ages 10 and up as well. I am pretty conservative in what I let young kids read, so a lot of people go younger.
This is the first Wings of Fire book on Kindle. You can see if you like it before you invest in the entire series. (I spend way too much on books–but I LOVE them.)
Harry Potter is a classic. As a teacher I love it because it got a whole generation of kids reading. Here is the first book, you can see if it works for your child as well.
If they like Harry Potter, getting your kids reading the series works like magic…and you have a reader. See what I did there–Sorry, I’ve been hanging out with kids a lot.

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