The Magic of the Woods Series (Book One): Stardust Among the Shadows

“You have all the power you need to do good in this world.”

Nora Gregory is twelve and even she knows she’s not old enough to hold the fate of the entire town in her hands. But still, she hears a message in her mind To save your home, you must save the woods. 

No wonder she thinks she may be losing her mind. It’s not like she can do anything to change the destructive storms wreaking havoc on her town. After a fierce thunderstorm traps her and her best friend Ben in the woods overnight, she finds out that she has magical powers and the message to save the forest becomes stronger. 

It turns out that the storms ravaging her town and the mountainside forests caused supernatural attacks—a Penumbra is feeding off chaos and destruction. 

Nora is forced to decide whether to fight the creature or run and hide. It feels like an impossible decision because her magic is no stronger than a sparkler, and the Penumbra was in the habit of draining magic and life from protectors like her. 

In order to survive, Nora must rely on her little ragtag group of buddies and join forces with the magic of the woods. She will have to find a connection to her past to face the chaos and destruction threatening everyone’s future. 

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