Your new best friend: Routine

Why Routines and Procedures are Your New Best Friend

One of the most important things new teachers learn is to set up routines and procedures. They are so important that it is essentially impossible to teach without them, and they are the difference between a well-run classroom that is a joy to be in. and the exact opposite, which I will not describe because I have no desire to traumatize you. 

So, why would you need these procedures and routines at home? After all, you’re not teaching thirty kids (I hope). It is because kids need them and it gets them ready to learn, and separates learning and school time from the rest of your life. School and free time should not blend together. You don’t want to try to just squeeze it in here and there. 

When I was in college I could study on the train, on my breaks at work, or whenever I had some spare time. That does not work for children. If you try to teach them in that way, they will be stressed, confused, learn little-to-nothing, resist, and make it very frustrating for you. 

If you set aside a time every day as “school,” your child will be far more likely to cooperate. I recommend writing down a very simple schedule, posting it where your child can see it, and after making sure it is realistic, sticking to it.

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