Welcome to HomeSweetHomeLearning

Welcome to HomeSweetHomeLearning. This site is all about supporting parents through the challenges that come with distance learning, mostly due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rebecca and Sara are sisters, and moms doing the best they can in this crazy world. We hope to support all parents as they educate their children. Though this site is set up specifically for parents that find themselves trying to navigate distance education for the first time, the information and articles are for anyone.

Rebecca is a licensed teacher who began her career with a degree in child psychology. She then worked as a caseworker and licensed in casework counseling before deciding to study education. Like most teachers, Rebecca is currently teaching sixth grade in a classroom and unexpectedly taught online in the spring of 2020. She is passionate about supporting parents as they educate their children, whether in a physical classroom, at home, or in whatever way works for their families. Rebecca is also the mother of four amazing children, two with autism and one adopted from foster care. In her spare time, Rebecca enjoys writing children’s novels, oil painting, and hiking. 

Sara is a registered nurse. She previously worked as a full-time hospital nurse and is now working from home while focusing on raising her two beautiful children. Sara is passionate about parenting and healthy living; she is a talented chef, artist, and designer and has helped Rebecca decorate her home and classroom. She designs and monitors content on the blog. In her spare time, Sara enjoys spending time with friends, family, and husband, writing, crafting, and traveling. 

What our site offers:

Tips for parents to help distance learning succeed.

Specific strategies for different age groups and different learning styles.

Articles on child development that apply to education.

Referrals to resources that can help parents.

Question and Answers for parents.

Coping skills for parents and students.

Organization strategies for managing distance education. 

This site is not exclusively designed for any specific educational style, but will mainly focus on supporting parents new to distance education.

We do monitor the site and only allow comments and answer questions that are respectful beneficial to other parents.

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