Reading and Trauma Recovery–an unexpected connection.

Powerful words: 

          Reading helps 

with Trauma recovery.

“Don Meichenbaum, one of the world’s leading experts on trauma and violence, and one of the most influential mental health professionals of the last century said one thing is more important to traumatized children than anything else. More important than therapy, more important than social programs, more important than anything else. The research shows that the single most powerful predictor of their ability to overcome trauma and survive their circumstances is the ability to read.” -Dr. Steven Dykstra

Children who come from all walks of life, whether privilege or poverty, support or insecurity, absolutely must be able to read, and read well, in order to succeed.

As you may have noticed, teachers in general are pretty excited about reading. Yes, we love math, science, history, and all the other amazing subjects out there. But reading is unique in that it is the one academic skill necessary for all others. 

When you read, you are not just learning about the story or information in front of you. You are activating your cerebrum, the part of your brain responsible for language and thought. All-day long, every day, you have words going through your brain. Improving your language and reading skills helps you develop your mind and make sense of the world around you. Reading is thinking.

When you work with specific children all day, nearly every day, for a long period of time, it is impossible not to love them and care about their futures. If there was one gift I could give my students this year, it would be a love of reading. There are millions of books out there. Help your child find good books that they love. Read together and on your own. Read often. Enjoy it!

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